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Living in an apartment can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to stay safe. Remember to never to buzz in anyone you don’t know, and be sure not to let strangers into the building when you are entering or exiting. If you see a suspicious person hanging around – do not hesitate to call the police – they’re here to ensure your safety. Below, you will find some pointers on staying safe. Model ACE Hardware can provide you with all of the hardware needed to make these improvements.

Smoke and CO Detectors
Be sure that your smoke and fire alarms have been installed and are in proper working order, be they battery or hard-wired operated. The same goes for carbon monoxide detectors. These appliances are legally required to be supplied by your landlord.

Door Security
Make sure that your door has a peephole, and be sure to use it. If you don’t have a peephole, have one installed. Also, make sure that your locks are secure, and that the locks have been changed when you moved in to ensure that the previous tenant cannot enter. If you lose your keys, your locks should be replaced. For added security, look into wrap-around door lock reinforcement devices (donjo). Another available device is a police bar, which wedges a metal bar between the door and the floor.

Window SecuritySterling_Burglar_Bar
Windows are an easy way for intruders to gain access to your apartment. Make sure that all windows are secure, with unbroken glass and functioning window sash locks. Remember to keep the windows locked when they are closed and also to close windows when you’re not home.  Vent locks can be installed on windows to allow for air circulation, but to deter would be thieves. You may want to consider installing window bars, especially if you live in a first floor or garden level apartment. Make sure that the bars can be removed in case of a fire.

You may want to consider installing magnetic alarms on your windows or doors. If you are interested in a large-scale alarm system, you must contact an alarm installation company.